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TVMS Library: Severe Weather Project

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Severe Weather


1. Click the link
2. Click "File > Make a Copy"
3. Rename the file with YOUR name and Weather Brochure (ex, "Smith Weather Brochure")

Project Focus

Severe weather is on the horizon!
For this project you will have a choice. You can either produce a Severe Weather Brochure (electronically or on paper) or you can do a 5-day video forecast on either WeVideo or ScreenCastify. The rubrics for each project are located on the left side of this page. In order for people to be safe you must inform them of the type of severe weather that may occur in their surroundings.

  • What are the dangers that can occur because of this severe weather? (min of 3)
  • Where does it occur in the USA and why in that location?
  • How do they predict it? (Detail/Explain)
  • Before the storm, how does one prepare and/or adapt to make sure of survival? (3)
  • Other useful or interesting facts (min of 3 that are not from above)
  • Minimum of 4 pictures that relate to your severe weather topic

Brochure Example

Images of Weather Maps

How to get custom weather maps for your city:

  1. Go to
  2. Find your city using the "Search Locations" search bar
  3. Click the "Wundermap" tab
  4. To take a screenshot of a map, click the 3 vertical dots in the corner of your browser--> More Tools --> Take Screenshot
  5. Click on the popup message to see it in the folder, then double click the file to open it.
  6. Click the pencil icon to edit your image, then copy/paste it into your Google Slides presentation

Essential Question

How do readers select materials appropriate to the topic and purpose?

  • use the resources on this page to find information for your brochure
  • make sure the books/articles you select are ones you can read!
  • as you read, think about the info that must be included in your brochure
    • Define your weather.
    • Dangers?
    • Where does it occur and why?
    • Can we predict it?  How?
    • How to prepare for it.
    • Other helpful information.

General WeVideo Tutorials

Getting started:

Creating a shared project:

Creating a Split Conversation:

Adding basic content:

Audio levels and sound FX

Color keying (green screen):

Trimming video clips:

Picture in picture:

Adding transitions:

Finalizing and sharing:

World Book Kids

World Book Student

Scholastic ScienceFlix


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