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TVMS Library: 3D Printing

Library resources, project guides, and more.

Tinkercad Tutorials

3D Printing Guidelines

3D Printing @ TVMS


Who may print?

The 3D printer is available for use by Twin Valley students and staff.  Priority will be given to students and staff printing objects for class projects.


There is no cost to print at this time.

What can be printed?

Projects must show evidence of “tinkering” or modification by the students (not just an object found on Thingiverse or a similar site).  Students are encouraged to use to design their own 3D objects.  Offensive, inappropriate, or dangerous objects will not be printed. 

How to Print

Logging In

  1. While logged into your account, go to 

  2. Click the Join Now button

  3. Click Create a Personal Account

  4. Click Login with Google and select your .info account

  5. If you need to enter a Class Code, use:  7FMZE3CWS

  6. Once you’re logged in, go on the the next section, Getting Started!

Getting started

  1. Log in to 

  2. Click on the Learn button at the top

  3. Under the Starters section, start with the Place It! activity.  Continue through the rest of the starters (there are 7 in all) to develop your TinkerCad skills!

  4. You can also view the TinkerCad Tutorials on the Library Resources page.

Ready to print?

  1. Be sure you’ve checked the printability of your project before submitting it for printing.  Check out the  TinkerCad Tutorials on the Library Resources page for help with this.

  2. Click on the title in the upper left corner, and give your design a title that’s easily recognizable.  

  3. Click “Send To”, then scroll down and click “Invite People”

  4. Click “Generate New Link”, the “Copy Link”

  5. Go to Gmail, paste the link into a new email, and send it to 

(in your email, include any additional information, such as whether or not the print is for a class project)  

  1. If there are issues with your print, Mr. M will contact you.

**Note:  For your project to get printed, it must be something original created by you.  Downloaded 3D files created by someone else will not be printed.  

More Info

Click here for a longer, but very detailed tutorial on using TinkerCad.

See Mr. Moczydlowski if you have any questions!