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TVMS Library: Explorers-5th

Library resources, project guides, and more.



HELP!! Working from home?   Click here for usernames & passwords for the library resources.  (You'll need to access the document through your account)

Creating a Chatterpix-Style Video Using WeVideo

Step 1: Prepare Your Explorer Picture

Step 2: Record Your Explorer's Voice

Step 3: Editing and Finalizing Your Video

Step 4: Exporting to Google Drive (new version of WeVideo)

Kids InfoBits

Gale Elementary from Home:
1) Get a PowerLibrary E-card number.
2) Click this link to go to the PowerLibrary page
3) Scroll down and click on the Gale In Context--Elementary icon.

To use WB Kids:

  1. Click the link for WB Kids
  2. In the search box, type your explorer's name (make sure it's spelled correctly!)
  3. Click on an article to read more about your explorer.