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TVMS Library: Musical Eras - Gen. Music.

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Musical Era Research Links

Reliable Sources

Remember to only use RELIABLE sources.

A reliable source is one you can TRUST.

Ask yourself:  
Can I trust the person or organization that put this info on the internet?

Examples of RELIABLE sources:

  • research apps (World Book, Marshall Cavendish, Gale)
  • websites authored by recognizable organizations (National Geographic, The History Channel, Scholastic)

Examples of UNRELIABLE sources:

  • Q/A sites (,,
  • student-created websites/projects (,,
  • any site for which you cannot locate information about the author or organization


World Book Advanced

Search "classical music", and you'll find an in-depth article that discusses the different musical eras.  Click the "Related Information" tab to find links to articles about specific composers.