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TVMS Library: Health - Drug Abuse & Prevention

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Project Description


Objective: Each small group will use at least three out of the six website resources available to research the assigned drug.

Activity #1:  

Each group will complete one graphic organizer. The following information needs to be included:

  • Street name or nickname of the drug
  • Description of what the drug looks like
  • Drug category
  • Ways drug is used
  • Immediate effects on body
  • Long term effects on body and overall health 

Activity #2

Pair with another research group to review information that you researched. These groups will serve as a ‘peer review’ of information -by ‘teaching’ the other group. Talk through your notes. The listening group should hold the other group accountable for the different parts of their research, asking questions about vocabulary, and body effects, looking for gaps in research.

Activity #3

Each research group will complete a poster creatively presenting your research..All websites used must be cited on the back of the poster. 

Additional Information for this project:

  • Graphic Organizer, and Poster will be graded.
  • You may split up tasks to be completed. 
  • Please remember to converse with your partner during your search for information to check for understanding of vocabulary or concepts. See teacher for further discussion if necessary 
  • Two class periods will be allotted for research, and one class period will be allotted for completion of the poster. 
  • All group members are required to participate in the fact-finding research and the creation of the poster.
  • Finished projects will be presented to the class.

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