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TVMS Library: Simple Machines

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Simple Machines

Big Idea

Simple Machines Station Project

Directions: Each simple machine is a station. Students assigned to each simple machine must complete the following.


  1. Answer questions on their sheet using research from trade books, internet, etc.
  2. Prepare a short (1-3 slide) Google Slide presentation on your research for each Simple Machine.
  3. One slide must include various pictures of your assigned simple machine.
  4. Your final slide must answer this question: What is one career or job that would need to know about or use this simple machine in one way or another?
  5. Make sure to SHARE the slide with everyone in your group right away! You should be all working on the same slide show.
  6. Each day you will follow the above process with a different simple machine.
  7. After you have moved through all stations, you will put all slides together into 1 slide show to present to the entire class.
  8. Final Slide presentation should include a title slide and an ending slide.