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Renaissance Dinner Party

Project Pages

Big Idea

In this project, you will choose three Renaissance-era people to research.  There should be some commonality connecting these figures (all scientists, all women, all commissioned for art works, etc).  You may also choose one modern-day person that shares something in common with the three Renaissance figures.  

After researching all 4 people, you will be writing a script for a dinner party conversation among these four individuals.  In writing your script, consider the following:

- What interests/experiences do these people share?
- What would they talk about?
- What perspective would the modern-day individual bring?

The purpose of the script is to illustrate the common themes and influences these Renaissance figures had.  You may present your script in a variety of formats:  Video, iMovie, live performance, Prezi, etc.  Remember--the more detailed your research, the easier it will be to write the script!

*Don't forget to cite your sources!  See the "Citing Your Sources" guide for detailed information on what and how to cite.  

Sample Notes Pages

WeVideo Tutorials

Getting started:

Creating a shared project:

Adding basic content:

Audio levels and sound FX

Color keying (green screen):

Trimming video clips:

Picture in picture:

Adding transitions:

Finalizing and sharing:

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Google Arts & Culture Institute

Use this link to find information on modern-day artists, as well as Renaissance-era artists.