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TVMS Library: Native cuisine project

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Native Cuisine Project

Filming your Common Craft Video

  1. Place your script where you can see it, and arrange your paper cutouts where they are easily accessible
  2. Point the iPad at the table, making sure you know where the visible area of the screen is on the table.  Make sure the iPad's camera is oriented correctly, or your video will end up sideways!
  3. If you are using the lavalier microphone:
    • Plug it into the iPad (make sure the adapter is attached)
    • Clip the mic to your shirt, below your chin
    • Make sure the power switch is "on"
  4. When you are ready, press the record button on the iPad and record your video

Getting Videos from Flip Cam to WeVideo

  1. Open the "Drive" app and login
    • Click the icon in the upper right corner--you should see a list of accounts
    • If your name is in the list, select it.  If not, select "Add another account" and login
  2. Open the "Photos" app, select your video(s) from the camera roll, and click the share button (box with an up arrow coming out of it)
  3. Select "Drive"
  4. Make sure your account is selected, and tap "Upload"
  5. Log out of Google Drive so others don't have access to your account

Project Overview

For this project, you will research a specific country's cuisine and demonstrate your learning in a Common Craft-style video.  

Library focus:

- Using technology ethically to present relationships between information and ideas.

Video Example

Student Example

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Tips for Using Destiny Quest for research:

  • Log In to access websites
  • Use the "Narrow Your Search" box to sort by reading level, topic, etc.

CIA World Factbook

Country Research Web Links