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TVMS Library: Country Research

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Country Research

Country Research Web Links


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Accessing Databases from Home

Big Idea

Essential Question: How does a researcher select which information sources to use?  How does a researcher evaluate those sources for reliability?

You will be expanding your knowledge of the world by learning about another country.  We will use the 5 themes of Geography as our guide for taking notes.  You are to gather information from the various resources in the library (books, research apps, web links).

Remember as you research:

  • How is the resource (book, app, or site) organized?
  • Does the resource include a list of contents?  An index?
  • What key terms are associated with the info I'm looking for?

Creating a Google Site

World Book Student

World Book Kids


Kids InfoBits

Search multiple formats: encyclopedia articles, newspapers, magazines, and more.

CIA World Factbook

Search the Library Catalog!

Tips for Using Destiny Quest for research:

  • Log In to access websites
  • Use the "Narrow Your Search" box to sort by reading level, topic, etc.