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TVMS Library: Argument Writing--7th

Library resources, project guides, and more.

Big Idea

You will be using the Resource List tool in Destiny to find and organize various resources on your topic.  These resources will include books, websites, and research apps (databases).  

Saving Opposing Viewpoints Articles to Google Drive

  1. Go to the Opposing Viewpoints in Context research app
  2. Click the "Sign in with Google" button
  3. Decide which article you want to download
  4. Click the "Download" button and allow Google to access your Drive

**Download 4-5 articles to your Google Drive:

  • skim the article, checking that it relates to your topic
  • make sure it's an article you can read
  • take note of the source

Citing Your Articles

Search the Library Catalog!

Tips for Using Destiny Quest for research:

  • Log In to access websites
  • Use the "Narrow Your Search" box to sort by reading level, topic, etc.

Gale--Opposing Viewpoints in Context