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Summer Assignments TVHS: French IV Honors



Incorporating French into your Summer

French 4 Honors is an honors intermediate level class that is for highly motivated independent learners. To that end, the following foreign language activities are to be completed during the summer & during fall semester to keep you from forgetting what you have learned thus far and to prepare you for the structure of our class. In order to receive full credit, the work must all be submitted to the Schoology class.

You will keep all your work in a language journal (notebook: La Langue Française Avancée).  If there is even a slight suspicious that Google Translate was used or that students copied off of each other the assignment will be an automatic zero.

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Shows to watch:

Call My Agent, Marseille, A Very Secret Service, The Returned, The Long, Long Holiday, The Chalet, Wild France, Chef's Table France, 10 Jours en Or


Access to Madame Koehler's Duolingo:

Google Classroom

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Fall Assignments

Fall Semester (16 weeks):

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