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Robeson Elementary Center Library: 3rd and 4th Grades

Information for all your research needs!

Learn Typing Skills with




Image result for keyboard

To get to your class typing lessons click on your Teacher's Name:



Then Scroll down and Click on

 Image result for sign in with google

And sign in with your Google Account!


Evaluating Websites-Fake or Real

Hmmm...can we believe everything we see and read on the internet?  Click on the image above and see how well you can spot a hoax (fake) website.

13 Colonies Research Websites

Click on the icon above for fact finding adventure!

United States of America Research

Presidents of the United States of America

Fourth Grade Coding

Click on the icon

Using your Google Account, click on right-side login with Google Account

Select your Google Email Account and access your account.

Happy Coding.

If this way doesn't work go into your Google Library Classroom and the link for your Code account is there also.


Click on the icon above and enter the Game Pin Number in the box to play.

United States Constitution

Lewis and Clark-Corps of Discovery


Click on the map above to find research links about Lewis and Clark with the Corps of Discovery.

Third Grade-Pennsylvania State Parks

Third Grade-Pennsylvania Wildlife Research