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Open Educational Resources: Science OER Repositories

Open Data Collections

PLOS- Science and medical research articles with images, figures, tables and graphs, all licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license that allows for adaptations and derivatives.  

Encyclopedia of Earth- expert reviewed science-related content

Encyclopedia of Life- global resource for information about life on earth hosted by the National Museum of Natural History

USGS Science for a Changing World: information is in the public domain, but you are requested to provide documentation of your source by using the following: 

Credit: U.S. Geological Survey 
Department of the Interior/USGS
U.S. Geological Survey/photo by Jane Doe (if the photographer/artist is known)

Open Lessons and Units

AK Lectures- provides clear and concise explanations to difficult concepts in the sciences. 

Blossoms- Math and science video lessons for high school classes. 

Bozeman Science- Hundreds of science videos, many tied to AP course requirements.

Habitable Planet- Teacher resources for environmental science

PHET Interactive Simulations - Interactive simulations from the University of Colorado Boulder, licensed under CC-BY

Open Textbooks

Chemistry LibreTexts- Multi-institutional collaborative online textbook, focused on post-secondary education.