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Robeson Elementary Center Library: Library Projects School Year 2016-2017

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First Grade Fun

After reading the book, "Dogs Don't Wear Glasses" students donned a pair of glasses and struck a pose to create their version of being on the sunglass runway!

Mrs. Burrows

Mrs. Kline

Mrs. Burns

Mrs. Eisenhard

Third Grade

Library and Art collaboration had students researching Pennsylvanian animal wildlife.  In art class, Mrs. Veronica Giles led students in creating animal artwork which students used in creating their animal trading card.  Research, writing, art and computer technology blends together with this project.

Mrs. Anderson

Mr. Brennan

Mrs. Russell

Ms. VanBodegraven

Library and Art collaborated to create magazine covers.  Students selected and researched famous individuals, then created artwork in art class.  Here is Ms. Van Bodegraven's third grade class.

Second Grade

The big project for second grade is the solar system research project.

This library project includes collaboration with the Art Teacher, Mrs. Veronica Giles. 

Student tasks:

1.  Research planet, star or moon

2.  Take notes

3.  From there, students create artwork in art class to incorporate into their slide

4.  Create a PowerPoint slide that includes non-fiction text features:  title, heading, bullets, artwork as photo and caption

Click a name below to watch:

Mrs. Balash

Mrs. Herbine

Mrs. Hubert

Mrs. Wagner

Fourth Grade

Berks County Elementary Reading Olympics

Our fantastic Robeson Reading Olympians scored Blue First Place Ribbons!

Excellent for our districts first time competing!

Click here to watch their video.

Stop Motion Animation with iPad Technology

Each fourth grade team received the same two stick bots and a plethora of materials to create a "Stop Motion" animated short.  Using iPads, students spent two weeks writing, diagramming and executing their plans.  Movies have been uploaded to YouTube and can be viewed by clicking below.