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A guide for our parents and community containing helpful tips for services offered by the TVSD Technology department.


Bring Your Own Device

TVSD offers 7-12 grade students the opportunity to bring their own laptop, phone or tablet for use while at school.  This program allows the students to use a device with which they are familiar as a valuable learning tool.  Through the BYOD program, students will be able to access their teachers' content both in and out of school.

BYOD Regulations

All allowances and procedures remain in line with the TVSD Acceptable Use Policy, Policy No. 819

  1. Devices will require wireless access.
    1. Devices may connect to the TVSD_PUBLIC network, but preferably to the TVSD_BYOD network.  
    2. Access through the TVSD_BYOD network will provide the students with greater flexibility in terms of accessing content.
    3. Access to the TVSD_BYOD network is through regsitration only.  Students will register their device with the Technology department (dates and times will be set throughout September and posted on the website).
    4. Connecting to the wired network is prohibited.
  2. Devices should have current virus protection installed.
    1. Devices discovered to have introduced a virus to the TVSD network will have their registration rejected.
    2. Free antivirus software for laptops may be attained here:
  3. Devices must run current software that allows for the student to connect to the internet and to able to authenticate to a web-based intranet.
    1. Acceptable browsers include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari.


  1. Students will have an opportunity to register their devices during days and times posted on the website or announced within the buildings.  Registration will occur in the HS Library or MS Library with a member of the Technology department.  Dates and times TBD.
  2. Mid-year, students may request to have their device registered by submitting a help desk ticket c/o a teacher.  Be sure to submit the ticket and select the Category of "Special Request"
  3. A copy of the Acceptable Use Policy must be submitted with every registration.  The policy may be found here: Policy 819.
  4. Parents/Students must print out and sign the Acceptable Use Policy.  ONLY THE SIGNATURE PAGE IS NECESSARY.  Parents may pick this up at the office or print the policy out at home.
  5. The student will report to the HS or MS Library to register their device with a member of the Technology department.  These will be scheduled days during the month of September and by appointment throughout the remainder of the year.
  6. Device registration will require the Technology department to gather the following information from the students' device:
    1. Operating system
    2. Make
    3. Model
    4. MAC Address
  7. ACTIVATION and/or access to the TVSD_BYOD network will take approximately 24-hours from time of registration.  Upon completion, student devices simply choose the TVSD_BYOD wireless network to attain connectivity.  No user ID or password will be necessary.*


Within 24-hours, students may access the wireless network labeled TVSD_BYOD without entering a password.


While most students will have a smaller hand-held device (e.g. a mobile phone), laptops and tablets are preferable.  Mobile phones will work within the BYOD network, however will prove to be insufficient (due to the fact that they are smaller) in viewing and working with our teachers' online content.