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Summer Assignments TVHS: French III

French 3

French 3 isn’t taught until the second semester, which means that students wouldn’t have had the language in a year.  The saying stays true: “If you don’t use it, you will lose it.” The assignments posted here and on Schoology are not meant to bog your down with work, but are meant to help you not lose the work you put into learning the language.  It will hopefully help keep your language skills fresh and help advance your language skills.  Hopefully you will also find yourself enjoying these assignments as well.

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Twitter Suggestions

Coffee Break French @learnfrench

Le Huff Post @lehuffpost

Duolingo @duolingo

Tour de France @tourdefrance21

Tv 5 Mond @tv5monde


Shows to watch on Netflix:

Call My Agent, Marseille, A Very Secret Service, The Returned, The Long, Long Holiday, The Chalet, Wild France, Chef's Table France, 10 Jours en Or